Meet the Masters

Deen Arts Foundation is dedicated to the traditional pedagogy of the Ijazah system, which has preserved the Islamic sciences for the past 1400 years. The master-apprentice relationship in the Islamic Arts ensures that the highest level of mastery is retained as knowledge passes to the next generation. The master calligraphers, manuscript illumination artists, geometers, and munshids, have learned through the Ijazah system and likewise teach in this way at Deen Arts Foundation.

Islamic Geometric Pattern & Executive Assistant
Manuscript Illumination / Tezhip
Calligraphy and Manuscript Illumination & Program Director
Moroccan Illumination
Thuluth & Naskh Scripts Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese Style
Islamic Geometric Patterns
Thuluth, Naskh, Diwani Jali, Diwani & Riq'a Scripts