Deen Arts Foundation Student Code of Conduct

Registration Policy:

  • New/first-time students are allowed to register for ONLY one course per semester.
  • If a student wishes to change teachers, ijaza paths, or desires to add another course, approval must be provided from the student’s course instructor.
  • Returning students who wish to register for an additional course must first seek approval from their instructor.

Academic & Financial Aid Policy:

  • Students whose financial situations prevent registering for a course can request and submit a scholarship application form.
  • To maintain eligibility, students must re-apply and submit the required forms every semester.
  • The following criteria must be met for a student to be qualified for financial aid.
  • Students must submit homework/lessons every week.
  • Students must participate in a class or communicate with the instructor if live classes are missed.
  • Deen Arts Foundation reserves the right to verify work and class conduct with the instructor.

WhatsApp Policy:

  • Whatsapp is used as a means of communication regarding homework and updates. To make this efficient, we ask students to ensure the following:
  • Always keep to the purpose of the group, no sharing of irrelevant messages about other topics.
  • The group is not a political platform. Keep it relevant and check your sources before you share.
  • For extended conversations, students should use private messages.
  • Members of the group will be in different time zones. Therefore, we ask students to be courteous of the time they have conversations in the group unless it is an emergency.
  • We ask students never to use a group to berate someone else or air grievances. Instead, if one has an issue, it should be addressed one-on-one with the relevant person or administrator.
  • If a student private-messages an administrator for a query, we ask them to wait for 48 hours before sending a reminder.
  • Do not call Deen Arts Foundation staff and administration without first seeking permission.
  • Do not share Deen Arts Foundation staff and administration contact information without first seeking permission.

Zoom Meeting Etiquette and Expectations:

  • Students are expected to join the meeting and stay throughout the class unless they have permission from the instructor to participate at specific times.”
  • Students must mute themselves upon entry to eliminate background noise and prevent connection issues.
  • Video must be on at the beginning of class, at the end of class, and when the instructor is communicating with the student specifically.
  • Students must be respectful and courteous to other students and teachers during Zoom meetings.
  • Students must ensure that their work area is quiet and free of distraction when class is in session.

Homework Policy

  • Homework submission must be in accordance with the course instructors’ directions and are strictly implemented.
  • The time required to complete assignments will vary with each student’s study habits and selected course load.
  • If any behavior by a student disrupts the peace or interferes with the regular operation of the classroom, an instructor or moderator may ask the student to leave the class meeting. Recurring attempts may put the student
  • at risk of being completely removed from the course.