Ricardo Hinojosa Gonzalez

Ricardo Hinojosa Gonzalez is a renowned paper folder and origami artist from México. He was born in 1993 in Monterrey and in 2003 was introduced to paper folding. This pastime developed into passion and since 2014 Ricardo has been teaching people of all ages how to fold. In 2016, Kamikyodai (meaning “paper kin” in Japanese) was started as a home business that offered products designed from folding like pots made of paper, light shades, art pieces and services such as origami classes and folding for hire. From 2015 to 2017, he worked summers in Papel Oaxaca, an artisan paper studio in Oaxaca, México. He had been developing the use of origami as a drawing tool in relation to the Geometric Islamic Art when in 2017 he attended The Art of Islamic Pattern Granada Course. Later, in 2018, Ricardo joined the Art of Islamic Pattern team as a featured artist for their first USA tour and again in 2019 in Seattle.