From Istanbul to Timbuktu-Ink Route
© Tombouctou Manuscripts Project, University of Cape Town

“The field of Islamic Calligraphy is a subject as fascinating as it is vast. Our aim here is to offer a glimpse into the origins of this art, in order to provide a context for the different styles of calligraphy displayed in this exhibition…”

The Art of Islamic Calligraphy: Rituals and Traditional Art

by Khalid Pablo Casado

“When you start studying calligraphy, you never know when you will finish your career. The art of Islamic Calligraphy is lifelong learning; it is a journey where you don’t just learn how to write letters, but you study some different aspects of human experience such as humility, patience, self-discipline, or “adab” (manners)…”

Introduction to Arabic, Ottoman & Persian Calligraphy from Elisabeth Kvernen

“On this website you’ll find a variety of interactive tools and information to help you learn more about calligraphy in the Arab, Ottoman and Persian traditions.”

Calligraphy is Persistence: Profile of Calligrapher Shahryanshah Sirajuddin

“Benjamin Franklin once said, “energy and persistence conquers all things.” If there is a calligrapher that embodies those words, Shahryanshah Sirajuddin is one. We begin a new year of artist profiles with someone whose determination and love of calligraphy brought him to Turkey, all the way from Indonesia…”